Strength Training – Why we’ve fallen in love with it!

We Love Strength Training – Here is Why:


Anyone who knows Paul and I will know that we are both pretty fond of exercise. We met through a running club whilst on a ski trip, we have run 14 marathons between us, as well as competed in countless triathlons and long distance cycling events. We are certainly no strangers when it comes to cardiovascular exercise.

In recent months though, we have discovered strength training through joining a small personal training gym near where we live and we have been on an incredible journey of lifting weights and getting stronger and leaner which has been really enjoyable and brought us many benefits.


Here are the top 5 things we love about strength training that we’d love to share with you:


  • Strength Training is beneficial as we age

As we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass and so strength training can help counter the effects of this as doing it regularly (twice per week) will help to build muscle mass.

The other great thing about weight-bearing exercise is that it helps to preserve bone density. As we get older, we start to lose bone density so countering the effects of this with strength training helps to prevent the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in later life.


  • Muscle burns more calories at rest

Society has conditioned us over the years to look at the number on the scales or to count the calories. Strength training changes all of that. Muscle weighs more than fat so whilst we have actually gained weight according to the scales, we have become stronger and leaner and the great thing about that is that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories that you burn at rest.

Yes, that’s right… by doing completely nothing, you’re still burning more calories when you’re stronger!


  • Getting stronger helps with injury prevention

Strength training helps improve the strength, range of motion, and mobility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons which helps your balance and to support your major joints like knees, hips and shoulders and reduces the risk of injuries in these areas.

Strengthening your core muscles around your abdomen as well as your glute muscles in your bottom also helps your overall posture and to support your lower back which reduces the risk of causing back problems when lifting heavy things and when sedentary for long periods of time.


  • You will become strong


Of course it goes without saying that engaging in regular strength training will make you stronger however, being stronger helps with your day to day life.

Paul and I have certainly noticed we can lift heavy things with more ease – like our children and their bikes for example and heavy shopping bags!

  • Improves your overall mood and body image


Exercising in general helps to boost your mood as it promotes the release of endorphins which promote the “feel good” factor. Regular strength training will also help to improve your physical appearance too as you build muscle and lose body fat which helps to boost your overall body image.

Numerous recent studies have also demonstrated that strength training can help to reduce anxiety which given the past 18 months, can only be a good thing!

We have made new friends at the gym which is another mood-booster and I have been getting the strength training done very early at the start of the day before anyone in my house is awake.

Although very early starts don’t suit everyone, I personally have enjoyed the tranquillity of being up before anyone else and doing something for myself before the hectic family morning routine begins.


Strength Training at N8 Health 

There is a symbiotic relationship between Chiropractic care and strength training. Chiropractic adjustments help take the pressure off your nerves to allow your nervous system to perform as well as possible whilst helping to keep your body aligned. Strength training helps strengthen your muscles which control your nerves. Getting adjusted regularly will help you with your strength training and vice versa.

One way to make a gentle start with strength training is to try Pilates. We recently opened our Pilates studio at N8 Health and have a dedicated instructor who can teach small group mat classes as well as 1-1 reformer classes. Pilates is a gentle way to make you stronger and focuses on a number of key exercises working mainly on your core.

We also have a relationship with local gym, Leaner Life in Stevenage which follows a very similar program to the gym where Paul and I have discovered our love of strength training. We recently checked out their facility and we think it is amazing! They cater for all levels of fitness. Check them out here

If you would like to know more about how you can start strength training either with us at N8 Health or at a local gym then please do get in touch via




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