Spring Clean to Clear your Mind as well as your Home!

As we have all spent much more time at home lately, you may well be feeling that your home is a mess and possibly in need of a Spring clean.


Anyone that has read Marie Kondo’s famous book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” will know of her mantra when tidying and decluttering the home which is that if an item does not “spark joy” then it has to go. If you haven’t read it yet then we thoroughly recommend buying the book.


You may wonder what on earth this has to do with your health and wellbeing but decluttering and reorganising your home and clearing out all the things that you no longer need in your life is very freeing. It is good for your emotional wellbeing and it helps to open up space for new things to enter your life.


Research has shown that people who have a disorganised, untidy home suffer more with feelings of guilt and anxiety. More clutter and more stuff leads us to a feeling of disorganisation and chaos as well as a desire to have more space. Most human beings want to have control over their environment and clutter & mess represents “unfinished business” which can feel claustrophobic and stressful.


How do we Ditch the Clutter?


The simple answer is to just say no to more things and to start being ruthless in every corner of your home.


Start with 3 boxes in your garage or shed:


1) Things that you can take to a charity shop

2) Things that you can sell

3) Things that you haven’t decided yet if you will keep.


Then review after a month and if you haven’t needed the things in box 3, they can go into boxes 1 and 2.


In today’s world of consumerism, we are bombarded daily with so many marketing messages enticing us to buy things. If we want to create an orderly, uncluttered home, we need to really assess whether we need something if we are thinking of buying it:


1) Does it spark Joy?

2) Do I really need it?

3) What will happen if I don’t buy it?


This questioning process will really help you to stop accumulating more “Stuff” And if you do decide to buy that “thing” then consider what you will clear out of your home to make way for it….


Happy Spring Cleaning!

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