Paul McCrossin

From an early age, Paul had always been interested in how to achieve optimal health rather than simply avoid being sick and with a keen interest in science, Paul knew early on that Chiropractic was the right career path for him.

Paul moved to the UK in 1998 and quickly established himself as an influential leader in the UK profession through his involvement in the United Chiropractic Association of which he is now the President.  Winner of the UCA “Chiropractor of the year” award in 2010, Paul  also heads  the peer  &  ethics  committee  which  allows  him  to  fulfil  his  passion  for  helping other chiropractors in the UK practice safely and ethically. Paul now regularly takes time out from the practice to serve as an expert witness to help other Chiropractors with regulatory cases.

As a father of two himself, Paul has a special interest in how Chiropractic can help mothers throughout pregnancy and in the important role of Chiropractic care in babies and children. He is a certified practitioner in Webster technique which can assist women with pelvic alignment in pregnancy.

On  a  personal  front,  Paul  loves  to  exercise  and  is  a  keen  endurance  athlete having  run  in  10  marathons.  More  recently  he  is a cycling enthusiast having  completed  the  Paris  Brest  Paris  (a  mere  1200km  meander  across France) twice! He also loves skiing and worked as a ski instructor for a couple of seasons alongside his chiropractic studies. He met his wife, Charlotte on a ski  trip  to  Colorado  in  2011  and  they  live  in  Hertfordshire  with  their  two sons, Charlie who arrived in 2015 and Henry in 2017.

Paul’s advice to everyone is:

  • Eat healthy but enjoy your food
  • Don’t take life too seriously
  • Always try something new and value your friends and family
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