Keep Colds at Bay the Natural Way this Winter


As the winter months draw in, we tend to come down with more colds. Here are some tips for super-charging your immune system to keep those winter bugs at bay:


  1. Vitamin D3

It’s not that the cold makes us sick, it is that during the summer we are naturally exposed to vitamin D from the sun as sunlight triggers the skin’s production of vitamin D. It is therefore easy to see how “flu season” seems to occur during the winter months. Vitamin D has many important functions; one of them is the facilitation of a healthy immune system so taking a Vitamin D supplement will help.


  1. Diet & sugar

During the colder months we tend to eat more sugar. Sweet treats, flavoured drinks and alcohol all contribute to a weakened immune system. Loading up on veggies and fruits will support the immune system and nourish the body. Try healthy alternatives to cakes like baked apples, poached pears, medjool dates.


  1. Stress and sleep

Sleep deprivation and stress increase the stress hormone cortisol which tells your body you are in “flight or fight” mode. When we are under increased stress, our immune system is compromised, we make unhealthy choices, our sleep is negatively affected and we are more likely to get sick.


Make a date with yourself to allow your mind to relax. Have a long bath or go for a long walk. Meditation and yoga are also very beneficial.


  1. Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin C is great for the immune system. Teas with honey and lemon are soothing when you get a cold and taking a Vitamin C supplement will help keep colds at bay. Zinc is also essential for the function and development of cells within the immune system.


  1. Exercise

When it’s cold in the morning and it gets dark quickly in the evening don’t be discouraged to go outside! Exercise has many positive effects on the immune system. Walking or running will keep you warm, boost your energy and your immune system and burn off calories before Christmas!

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