N8 Health is Open


The practice open to all those in need of Chiropractic care and will remain open throughout any future lockdowns.


Chiropractic is exempt from closure under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 because our work helps to promote health and takes pressure off the NHS. Chiropractic care also helps deal with the effects of stress and poor posture and let’s face it, we’ve all felt a great deal of stress and uncertainty lately. With more people now working from home, prolonged sitting causes all kinds of problems for the spine. Read more about that on our latest blog below on sitting.
The government announcement this evening also encouraged people to continue accessing necessary and routine healthcare from the NHS which would also apply to your regular Chiropractic care.
During the first lockdown, we closed N8 Health as we were not as informed as to the modes of transmission and measures that could be put in place to greatly reduce the risk of such transmission and we felt it was the right thing to do.
On return we found that many practice members struggled for a variety of reasons and we have done risk assessments and have clarity on what is required in terms measures to keep our practice Covid secure. We are following all of the measures as outlined by Public Health England to make sure that N8 Health is a safe, Covid secure environment for our practice members to continue their Chiropractic care.
We feel the right thing to do now is be available to assist you in being able to keep up your care and helping you to cope better with the added stresses and their effects in the current time.
We are here to serve you and look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.



  • All patients contacting us for an appointment are triaged by a member of our team over the telephone to establish their status (asymptomatic / symptomatic / self-isolating / living with someone symptomatic or self-isolating / have been in contact with anyone symptomatic).
  • Only people in the asymptomatic category can attend the practice.
  • A second triage is conducted at the practice by a team member.
  • A strict cleaning, sanitation and infection control protocol is being adhered to.
  • All team members at N8 Health Ltd follow government social distancing guidance where possible.
  • The Practice layout has been adapted to maintain social distancing between patients and all team members where possible.
  • We kindly request that everyone who attends the practice wears a face covering.


If you would like some advice from a Chiropractor or Osteopath, please email us on contact@n8health.co.uk and we can arrange for one of our practitioners to call you.



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