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Last month we wrote about Chiropractic care for pregnant women and so it would be a natural progression to talk about the health benefits of adjustments for a newborn baby. From 15th-19th May N8 Health is taking part in Spinal Awareness Week and since we love to care for families, we want to highlight the importance of checking children’s spines and nervous systems from newborns to teens. Parents know from day one about importance of health checkups for their child’s teeth, hearing, eyes, nose and throat… Is the spinal check any less important?

Is Chiropractic care just as beneficial and safe for mums as it is for the little ones? Absolutely!

Dr. McCrossin is not only a qualified and experienced Chiropractor who has adjusted many children since infancy, but he is also a parent who checks and adjusts his own son who is now 2.

Adjustments for children are a little different from adult adjustments as of course; we are dealing with a small human. The pressure of adjustment is much lighter and the protocol is gentle in nature as babies’ spines and skulls are softer. While more research is needed a growing body of scientific evidence is showing that chiropractic care can be beneficial, safe and effective for children from newborn.

In Chiropractic we focus on maintaining a healthy nervous system rather than treating diseases. The central nervous system is crucial for learning new skills and absorbing information. Chiropractors work on the premise that by locating and reducing stress on the nervous system (subluxations), adjustments can offer a solid foundation for greater health and well-being. It’s a very effective way to aid your child’s development. You may ask, why would a child’s spine need to be checked?

Many spinal patterns we see in adults’ begin in childhood. You may be aware that, pregnancy results in changes to the mothers’ body with softening of ligaments and changes in posture. Babies’ spines and skulls are softer and imbalances can occur. We are grateful for the advancements in medicine that can save both mother and the baby in case of emergency, but even a relaxed and natural birth may lead to imbalance in the newborn’s spine. Imbalances can occur  later in life with trauma due to jumps, falls; bumps and all sorts of acrobatic tricks little ones can perform.  Many minor causes of imbalance and stress on the spine can occur such as via modern technology – Ipad and phone use, heavy school backpacks, sports injuries and car accidents.

From birth to old age we have the same number of bones, muscles and joints, but its elasticity, ability to regenerate and heal differ. Young spines are much more flexible than adults and heal much quicker. Chiropractic is a way to assist your child’s nervous system, brain function and check that their physical body is developing at its optimum.

At N8 Health, we would love to provide each child with an opportunity of having healthy and well-functioning nervous system, not only by adjusting the spine, but also by educating children and their parents.

If you would like to get your child checked by a Chiropractor, contact us now on 020 8445 4355 or click here: and we will be happy to arrange a consultation.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken man.” ~Frederick Douglass

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